Our software applications are stunning, intuitive, easy to use, accessible from any device, secure, and managed via one console that can be configured and available for use in a short period of time. 

Tier I/II Supplier Diversity Reporting Platforms

Our Tier I/II modules are unique in the marketplace that offers real-time visibility across your organization by converting supplier data into board-room quality reports and dashboards.

Supplier Registration Management Portal (SRM)

A quick registration process with auto-match features like categorizing prospective suppliers with internal sourcing categories, tracking suppliers by events, auto-route supplier profiles to buyers, housing discussion threads, etc.

Supplier 'Prospector' Portal

Our Prospector Portal is an accumulation of diverse suppliers from over 100 data sources to create one single, easily searchable view.
These searches can be exported to Excel and categorized by category and other internal quality expectations. The list can then be imported into your SRM Portal and further communication can be collected from a specific group of suppliers through a survey prior to forwarding or recommending to buyers for RFP purposes.

Supplier Health Check

The Tier I Health Check is designed to assess the overall health of a diverse supplier. This health check is done by interviewing/surveying both the commodity manager and the supplier to determine if the experience between the supplier and commodity manager is similar.
The information is being gathered to assesses if suppliers are being included on bid lists or future sourcing opportunities, if there are growth plans or scalability plans in place for a specific supplier, visibility of the contract lifecycle, sales forecast, business alignment meetings, etc.



A process to identify diverse suppliers in your supply chain to measure diverse achievement.


– Access to hundreds of thousands of certified diverse suppliers

– Certified types returned:



The practice of analyzing business intelligence results to implement effective strategies that provide opportunity and impact.
– Improved strategic sourcing efficiency

– Overall direction to achieve inclusion goals

– Fiscal year goals with focused strategies

– Implementation plan to achieve goals

– Return on Investment/Economic Impact

Designed to support our clients with human resource constraints, we provide the power of our software solutions along with some human capital to support your supplier diversity management and reporting needs.
– Our Outsourced Management Service was designed to support our clients with human resource constraints.
– We provide the power of our software solutions along with some human capital to support your supplier diversity management and reporting needs.
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